Gender Male
Order Warrior
Title Unknown
Ability 30
FengShen Tower Talent 10% Evasion

Base Life 750
Base Mana 60

Base CA 255
Base MA 100
Base Def. 220
Base Crg. 50
Base Mag. 10
Base Strt. 5

Legend type Task
Unlock task Unknown
Unlock item Unknown

A Scottish Legend Alien dancing in the Wilds. Can Be Found Searching at random level wilds. and castles. and emperiums. and cupcakes. and scotland. and europe. and malls. and caves. at pineapples. at rocks. at a stone house. at a boat house. at a studio. the milky way.

Haggis is a medieval, mythical, living artifact and is said to be an alien.



Once upon a time, where ai haru was trying to convince dan to go to waroflegends hawaii, A meteor shower suddenly started in the sky. What was weird in this meteor shower, was that it never hit the ground. Everyone who was a witness, could recall how the sky looked like. The clouds banished, thus leaving the sky plain. However, the blue shade of the sky started to seperate and different hues of colors started to appear. A nyan sky.

Now it didn't affect life. However, a controversy has started. People started to wonder the effects of the sky. In the world of the legends. No plane has ever existed. So nobody was able to tell if its toxic.

A known researcher has called himself up to test it. His name is everyone is my einstein. He combined 67 protons and pineapple juice in a radium container. He used an ordinary glass and combined the substance and forged it into a hypersomatic telescope.

It was divine. He could see the events of the sky. and he read the letters. H A G G I S U. he published the newstory to the public. And scientists around the medival area started to flock around the area. It was decided that they will go up to the sky. They invented the hydrohaggisgivemeabutterscoth catapault and launched themselves in the air.

Once they reached a certain level. about 10 ft. There came a big explosion..

This explosion is believed to have created haggis.


Haggis is currently being studied after rumored reports of having a severe fascination with children.

He is kept by the illuminati of scotland, and there is always the strong need for moar Haggis.


Everyone is my einstein gives the statement on discovering haggis:

"He is indescribable, I saw a person undescribable. IT WAS UNDESCRIBABLE."