Order (Warrior)

A warrior

The order of the legend is the key description of a legend. There are currently three known orders: [monks, seers, and warriors. The legend's order can be found in the legend's interface.

Order typesEdit

Each order has its own benefits, such as the ability to command more Troops troops, higher attack power, increased speed for recruiting troops and learning skills, etc. As a governor, the benefits also differ depending on the order for the legend. After upgrading to a true Legend, the orders are Immortal, Heavenly Lord and Heaven General. These orders are the same as for normal Legends, but they are able to use orange equipment.

Sage Spirit
  • Key stat: Magic
  • Effect: Longer lifespan of troops and increased power of artefacts
  • Governor effect: Increases resource output and construction speed
  • Characteristics: Infrastructure, technology
Female monk Male monk
Heavenly Lord
Celestial Lord
Female seer Male seer
Bifang Spirit
Moral Deity
  • Key stat: Courage, Magic
  • Effect:
  • Governor effect:
  • Characteristics:
Female prophet Male prophet
Heaven General
God of War
Female warrior Male warrior